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Talogwitch brings you all the information you wanted to know about Gem Stones, Charms and Spells, Rituals and Ceremonies visit;


Take a look at hand made item made by the Talogwitch at her Talogwitch on;

Etsy - WelshWitch Emporium.

Are you interested in taking a Contemplative Tour, Esoteric Tours UK, is the place for you choose a Holiday for Learning, Healing or Ceremonal from 3 days to 6 visit  Esoteric Tours for more information;

Esoteric Tours;

For a shorter vacation; Check out

Herbs from the Labyrinth;

Herbs from the Labyrinth blog;

Radiance in Lancaster Blog;

My Amazonic Self - One womans transformation from couch patoto to Amazon Goddess at age 40 in 12 months:


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