Handfasting Celebration

It is a warm balmy summer day, and a gentle breeze kisses the faces of loved ones that have gathered to form a circle around the smiling groom and minister; their communal spirit energies making sacred space, a world within worlds.  

Then the beautiful radiant bride appears from the East followed by her attendants, the four quarter callers, and enters the circle to be met by the Groom; the two stand in front of the minister, and the ancient ritual of Handfasting begins.

From the preparations to the Handfasting, time has not evolved  a more simple loving and bonding process by which two can share their lives together.

Why Handfasting?

The love brought together in Handfasting is pure and unadulterated for it is unconditional; no religious doctrine has shackled it, tamed it or mutilated it, it is just as nature gifted, straight from the heart.

Firstly both must be ‘consenting adults’; then before embarking upon the Handfasting path the pair seeking union will be asked one fundamental and all important question, “Do you enter into this union freely bringing with you total truth, love and trust?”

If the answer is yes then the couple will have satisfied the High Priestess, Elder or Minister that they are indeed suitable.

It doesn’t take a great scholar or indeed a devout religious person to see the merit of this, for it is born of love and truth, free from the indoctrination of religious rules and control. It gives total equality of gender, quite simply because within this most ancient embrace of religious celebration, gender is not an issue.

Remember that those wishing all the benefits of a legal wedding will still need to attend a civil wedding ceremony.

So wherever you are globally if you like what you hear and wish to know more then purchase my very informative book with all the details from the prep to the Handfasting ceremony.

If you are in Wales or Southern England and would like me to preform the Handfasting for you and your partner then send me an email and all the details, so that the necessary arrangements can be sorted; you will be asked to pay a deposit of £50 to secure the date , and the balance paid 2 weeks before the day.

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